From an experience perspective, Intermind's VR solutions are not just immersive, they are highly interactive. Users can choose the direction they want to move in and experiences they want to interact with, unlike a normal 3600 video that autoplays the content. VR-Pro provides advanced functionalities like live video transmission in panoramic 3600

VR-Magic is like a Wordpress for mixed reality content. We provide a Content Management System (CMS), where you can define hotspots and navigation waypoints that the user can interact with. The suite also has the capability to create feedback forms, lead generation forms and even comes with built in e-commerce capability, complete with wishlists and shopping carts.

Starting with a 3600 shoot, your mixed reality portal can go live in just 2 weeks time, making this a low involvement & low risk initiative in the organization.

Our clients have experienced 300% increase in lead generation after implementing VR-Magic.


  • Live panoramic event telecast
  • Show flats/ property 3600 view
  • Hotel room & amenities walk-through
  • Industrial training
  • Office premises/ Co-working spaces 3600 view
  • Factory/Manufacturing unit walk-throughs

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