Fitmate is a holistic digital corporate wellness program that comprises engagement, motivation and health analysis based on data collected from wearables.

Fitmate provides a complete web based solution for accurate, quick and simple indirect calorimetry. Our team of experts have access to state of art tools that aid Fitmate’s revolutionising platform.

How It Works

  • Fitmate consists of 3 main components:
    • A wearable band
    • FitamteNet, a complete health intranet
    • Annual health checkups
  • Broad outreach and clear messaging from the top management, by maximizing outreach and clear messaging from the organisation's leaders and wellness gurus in the form of corporate communication involving Seminars/ Workshops, Newsletters, Posters, Digital Banners & Standees.
  • Fitmate makes wellness activities convenient, fun and accessible for all employees through a dedicated wellness portal
  • The program makes wellness an organizational priority among the workforce by building it into the core of the organizationusing fitness bands and the health mentorship program.
  • Customized annual health check-ups by our partner MyHealthMeter to identify health issues and address them preemptively
  • Fitmate approaches wellness with a continuous quality improvement attitude, and solicits feedback from employees to improve programs in the form of Health Surveys and Organisational HRA.


  • The data from fitness bands is collated and displayed to individual users on FitmateNet
  • Team formation and gamification on the intranet portal motivates employees to realize health goals
  • Customized communication, health tips and recommendations helps participants stay focused
  • Annual health checkups act as annual report cards, providing HR with consolidated data on the organizational health and the effectiveness of Fitmate

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