Hotel industry experience in 4 continents

Actively working with 40+ motels/inns across the globe

Average occupancy rates of 75% in 2022

80% business generated online


With our decades of experience and expertise in the hospitality industry, we make the online customer experience a super smooth one. Since UI plays are a crucial part, we consider several factors to create a delightful experience. Attractive and highly informative, our websites are developed and designed with responsive designs and intuitive navigation. We integrate bookings and reservations and user feedback and reviews. Since speed and performance are critical, we optimize the website’s performance with clear call-to-action.

A large feather in our cap is the design and maintenance of the websites for a chain of motels in The Outer Banks, NC and Richmond, VA owned by the MKL Group. We have worked on 20 brands of Specialty Restaurants and 4 Point Sheraton are other website projects we take pride in.

Digital Marketing

Our Digital Marketing team takes special pride in the achievements of the hospitality industry projects. SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing all contribute to optimizing the marketing efforts. Our SEO campaign for Outer Banks Hotels has singularly helped the business rank higher, driving organic traffic and increasing online visibility. Specific blogs focused on relevant topics and information are targeted at increasing traffic and brand value. Meticulous review management has ensured that properties we manage remain the first choice of guests.


One of the experiences we offer is the luxury of exploring a property or place virtually before even visiting it. When it comes to a hotel or restaurant, a review is a great booster, and even better is a virtual tour experience. Guests feel more confident booking a place if they know what to expect. We create the best virtual reality and augmented reality experiences. Smooth, sleek and truly immersive.


IoT is one of our biggest strengths as we constantly create innovative solutions aimed at improving productivity and reducing costs. Some of our specialized IoT services that have made a difference at hotels especially motels in the Outer Banks, North Carolina, are –

  • Keyless entry
  • Self check-in
  • Check in- check out self updates in system
  • Real time inventory tracking
  • Digital menus for room service and restaurants
  • Alexa interpretation in room service

Solutions We Offer

  • Website development & Maintenance
  • Reservation & Booking Integration
  • VR/AR
  • Digital Menus

The Intermind Advantage

The hospitality industry is one of the most digitized industries with everything from checking out hotels and restaurants online, reading reviews and then booking. Everything today is done online.

Our team has extensive experience in the local and global hospitality industry. From renowned chains of 5-star properties to exclusive boutique hotels, from mainstream media to digital, we have worked on every part of the client and customer journey. Our indepth understanding of the industry helps us come up with the best solutions, giving user a great experience.

Increased brand value
10+ years of domain expertise
Affordable service
Timely delivery
24/7 support
Excellent track record

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