BizOn CMS is an enterprise grade content management system that natively supports all the features required in a typical corporate website straight out of the box. BizOn is a fully managed CMS, which helps you focus on your business instead of grappling with technical issues.

How It Works

Bizon CMS ticks all the boxes of what your business needs to thrive online. With one of the most intuitive interfaces among major content management systems, it is easy to navigate & operate. You are in control of every aspect of your website at all times.
  • The website architecture & wireframes are converted to custom designs
  • The designs are integrated into BizOn CMS
  • Each page is divided into sections (tiles)
  • Text, images & even the code of a section can be edited
  • Landing pages, blogs, news, jobs & even content marketing mechanisms are inbuilt in the CMS
  • Intermind’s CRM is integrated into BizOn CMS to manage leads from the website
  • An affordable AMC contract (optional) entitles you to a team that manages the CMS on your behalf


Whether you are moving to BizOn CMS from a static website or another CMS, you will fall in love with the software from the first day. It immediately frees up time and resources, which can be reemployed to grow the business.

  • BizOn CMS is highly secure. While 70% of CMS websites are vulnerable to attacks, each BizOn website goes through a strict VAPT
  • Since the whole ecosystem (domain, email, cloud server, software) is managed by BizOn CMS, there are less chances of software or hardware outages
  • Websites running on BizOn CMS are some of the fastest in the world, with some websites scoring a perfect 100!
  • BizOn websites are SEO optimized out of the box. Even advanced technical SEO features like JSON LD schema tags are a standard feature
  • Various backup options are available on the control panel. You can backup just your database, your whole website or only certain pages at specific intervals
  • Any third party app or platform that has an API can be integrated with BizOn CMS

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