Intermind’s smarthome system Webino is a home automation and surveillance solution with an electrical controller for managing the lights and appliances of a house or office and a motion sensor camera for monitoring unauthorized intrusion.

We offer IoT building blocks and motion sensor systems as wireless sensor controller devices, gateways with built in applications, personalised user interface and cloud/server software for different kinds of lighting and motion sensor applications.

Webino comprises of an IP based light controller with LDR( Natural light detector) and PIR(Passive infrared) sensors. The light controller can automatically shut down LED light source or dim filament light source either in case of presence of any person or absence of sufficient natural light source, which helps in reduction of energy consumption.

The controller is also integrated with a mobile application our team of IT experts developed, running on a tablet PC and serving as the management dashboard to building managers and house owners. The light sources and motion detectors throughout the space can be controlled from the mobile app dashboard itself.

This feature brings in reduction of energy consumption, ease of light management, motion detection, safety and a check on the points of highest consumption and their maintenance.

How It Works

Webino can be implemented in 3 ways:
  • As a greenfield project for complete energy management
  • It can be retrofitted in an existing building/office/residential apartment using low cost adapters
  • Using skills on Alexa/Google Home, Webino can control appliances through voice commands

Key Features

Key features of Webino that’ll improve your working conditions and bring in a safe and ease of energy are -

  • Smart control feature
  • Natural light detector sensor integration
  • PIR integration
  • Ease of installation in retrofit
  • Step control for inoccupancy
  • Detection of people coming in and leaving
  • Anytime configurable through mobile phone
  • Centralised management system with distributed controls and configurable

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