Our Core Expertise

Crafting Innovative Solutions

We are experts in building innovative software solutions tailored to the specific needs of the pharmaceutical industry. We build cutting-edge CRM systems with our expertise spanning various programming languages, frameworks, and development methodologies to deliver new and efficient solutions, every time. Our solutions include Web and Mobile Development, Integrated IoT Solutions, and Intuitive AI Chatbots.

Leveraging Next-Gen Technology

Our team taps innovations in AI, ML and IoT to enable smarter care. We streamline companies with our high-tech Cloud Computing Services, ranging from setup, to migration and management. We optimize scalability, reliability, and cost-efficiency, ensuring seamless operations in the digital landscape.

Driving Real Impact

With better accessibility, enabling personalization, higher productivity, and building engagement, we are driving real impact.

Cybersecurity Solutions

At Intermind, we are serious about safeguarding digital assets of our clients, through our comprehensive cybersecurity services. From threat analysis to risk assessment and implementation of security measures, we ensure robust protection against cyber threats.

Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

One of our goals is to empower pharmaceutical companies with actionable insights derived from relevant data. Our advanced analytics techniques enable data-driven decision-making, leading to growth and innovation.

Digital Marketing

We are a future-ready partner for our clients as we possess the foresight, adaptability, and innovative prowess to navigate and thrive in the rapidly evolving world of technology. With our expertise in UI/UX, app development and digital marketing, we are equipped to anticipate and embrace future challenges and opportunities and provide forward-thinking solutions to our clients.

Solutions We Offer

Regulatory Compliance Solutions

At Intermind, our software solutions and consulting services are tailored to strictly adhere to regulatory standards set by authorities such as the FDA, EMA, and ICH. With seamless compliance processes, pharmaceutical companies can navigate regulatory complexities effectively.

Supply Chain Optimization

Our digital solutions for inventory management, demand forecasting, and logistics optimization minimize stockouts, reduce wastage, and ensure timely delivery of pharmaceutical products. We expertly optimize supply chain processes to meet the dynamic demands of the pharma industry.

Pharmacovigilance and Drug Safety

At Intermind, we create software systems that enable proactive monitoring of adverse events, signal detection, and risk management. By identifying and mitigating safety concerns early, we enhance patient safety and ensure compliance with stringent regulatory requirements.

Healthcare Data Security

Our robust cybersecurity solutions are tailored to the unique data privacy and security needs of the pharmaceutical sector. Our solutions safeguard sensitive patient information and intellectual property, maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of pharmaceutical data.

Telemedicine and Remote Patient Monitoring

One of the biggest advantages we offer is our telehealth platforms and custom-created IoT-enabled devices which facilitate everything from remote consultations and patient monitoring, to medication adherence. We have driven innovation in pharmaceutical care delivery by greatly improving access to healthcare services and enhancing patient outcomes.

Electronic Health Records (EHR) Integration

Our solutions for the pharma industry seamlessly integrate EHR systems with pharmaceutical workflows enabling efficient information exchange between healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies. Our solutions are built to support collaborative research initiatives and optimize patient care delivery.

The Intermind Advantage

At Intermind, we have the domain excellence to bring in Process Efficiency by automating core processes, such as manufacturing, along with enabling remote patient monitoring. Better data management and sharing will allow clinical trials to become more transparent and efficient and allow access to medical records for patients. We make sure you reduce your costs without compromising on quality and make powerful data-driven decisions.

Increased brand value
10+ years of domain expertise
Affordable service
Timely delivery
24/7 support
Excellent track record

Client Testimonial

From our Website & E-commerce Engine to Social Media, SEO, PPC & Influencer Marketing, Intermind professionally handled our juice brands right from the launch. I would highly recommend them for anything digital.


Dhanajay Desai

CEO, Finlinea Healthwits

Intermind has been optimizing our site for SEO in 20 countries. The team has been working for us since 3years and have shown good results, generating close to 100 leads last year.


Ashish Varun

Head - International Sales, Marketing at Nelito Systems

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