Cam360 Studio by Intermind is a cutting edge, artificial intelligence enabled product photography equipment, capable of capturing high resolution photographs of products in a 360 pivotal view.

It comprises of various integrated components such as Turntables, Camera Rails, LED based diffused lighting and supports all modern Canon DSLR cameras for photography.

With a robust adjustable frame and a feature loaded control software, Cam360 Studio can produce 360 pivotal photographs and videos of your products within minutes. The software also has photo optimization features to enhance the brightness and contrast of the photographs as well as automatically remove the background using Artificial Intelligence algorithms developed inhouse. The output is in the form 32/74 sequential photo frames to produce a 360 interactive pivotal view of the product and also create a 360 rotating video and GIF of the product. The 360 pivotal views of the products are automatically uploaded on a marketplace website that comes with an inclusive subscription fee along with the Cam360 Studio.

You can share your marketplace store URL, videos and GIF images on social media and other digital platforms and reach out to your customers on the digital space.

How It Works

  • Remote operation of the compatible Canon DSLR Camera.
  • Controlling the Camera mount over X&Y axis motorized rail
  • Controlling the turntable's 360 degree rotation to capture product's 360 pivotal photographs
  • LED based diffused lighting
  • Brightness and contrast optimization
  • Automatic background removal
  • Interactive 360 pivotal product view
  • Rotating product video & GIF
  • Inclusive subscription of 360 Marketplace website.


Cam360 Studio can be a very useful equipment for you to present your products to your customers in a more innovative way in the digital space. It's a must have equipment if you are in the business of

  • Consumer electronics
  • Home decor
  • Jewellery
  • Fashion accessories
  • Footwear
  • Product photography (studios & professional photographers)
  • Ecommerce store

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