How we work?

Concept Development

Our creative team works together with you to brainstorm and delve into finding an idea that meshes perfectly with the image of your brand that resonates with all its intended viewers. In this critical beginning period, we set out to understand what your goals are for your audience and the message you hope to transmit via the video.

Script Writing

Our experienced writers work hard to craft scripts that are concise whilst packing a punch. We ensure that the script embodies not only the essence of what you had in mind but is also magnetic to your audience.


After the script is approved, we begin to produce detailed storyboards which literally map out the sequence of events and sights. This is extremely important for the subsequent animation and overall continuity from one scene to another. Our storyboards not only provide you with a clear feeling for your video, they also let us modify as necessary before animation begins.

Design & Illustration

Our illustrators combine powerful sketching techniques to make sure that the visual style aligns with your brand's aesthetics and also appeals to its target audience. Each character design and every detail of background art are painstakingly crafted. The aim is nothing short of a visually stunning and seamless experience.


Using the latest animation software and techniques, our expert animators convert static images into animations that are dynamic and fluid. Through careful attention to little details, we make smooth transitions between scenes that are both interesting and convincing. The animated visuals are designed to deliver your message in a vivid and unforgettable fashion.

Voiceover & Sound Design

We work with skilled voiceover artists to get just the right voice that embodies the tone and style of your project. We also add sound effects and music to enhance the viewing experience. This combined with our talent in script polishing and post-production creates a fully immersive sonorous experience which is essential for any multimedia work.

Review & Revisions

We view your feedback as extremely important and before the final stage the video is presented to you for approval, and after any necessary revisions it goes live. we guarantee that the final video meets the highest technical standards for optimal viewing and sharing.

Final Delivery

After you have approved the video and given your final sign-off, we deliver your finished project in your desired format ready for distribution on the platforms of your choice.

Here are a Few Reasons to Choose Us

  • Experienced Team: Our experienced team includes many highly qualified and experienced animators, illustrators, writers and producers possessing a wealth of knowledge through different media forms. When your thoughts meet these specialists, it produces the perfect effect – a captivating visual story.
  • Customized Solutions: We understand that each project is unique, with its own set of objectives, target audience and requirements. Accordingly we make our services suit your own needs and objectives, guaranteeing that the final works not only are effective but also tune in with what your brands accords of itself.
  • Top-Quality Production: We apply cutting edge technology throughout the video production and use the best available animation software in the industry, with sound practices. We have strict quality control procedures from concept to final delivery in order to ensure each frame meets our rigorous standards.
  • Collaborative Approach: Your inputs are vital, and we involve you throughout the whole process, ensuring your vision is accurately translated onto the screen. Our collaborative attitude establishes a strong partnership, letting us understand what you want or need and going far beyond just meeting requirements to exceed expectations.

Types of 2D Videos We Create

Explainer Videos

Complex ideas or subjects that are very challenging to get across can be simplified in our explainer videos. These bite-sized videos tell intricate subjects through well-structured narrative which the audience will understand and remember.

Marketing Video

Our marketing videos are designed to present your merchandise in a persuasive, memorable manner that people cannot resist, thus raising brand awareness and sales.

Educational Video

With our informative and visually attractive educational videos, learning becomes a pleasure and also effective. We combine enlightening text with enjoyable imagery to make educational materials that everybody consumes readily and wants more of.

Corporate Videos

We develop your company's image and advocate its beliefs, culture and achievements through corporate videos. Our team brings forth creative content that defines your organization as the dominant force in its industry.

Social Media Videos

In the fast-paced digital world of today, capturing people's attention on social platforms is paramount. Our short, sharp, punchy social media videos are created into something more specific meant just for online sharing.

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