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At Intermind Digital Solutions a custom erp software development company, we have been driving success for businesses by implementing powerful ERP systems. Intermind has been in the business of building customized modern ERPs, taking advantage of new age technologies to improve customer experience, increase productivity, optimize resource planning and operations and empower organizations with an unmatched edge over the competition.

On your path to digital transformation, what could be an integral factor that will accelerate the move and propel you towards your goal? In today’s competitive business environment, you need a system that allows you to streamline, automate and drive strategic change. An ERP system which will make it easier to collect, organize, analyze, and distribute data to separate departments and improve workflows bringing in significant boost to the bottom-line

If you haven’t used an ERP yet, it will be the biggest investment you will make which will pay off handsomely with a sharp rise in ROI, reduction in costs and exceptional business efficiency. If you are already using an ERP, you no doubt, understand the immense value you will add by initiating a custom erp software development activity, there by upgrading your system.

How do you start while deciding to make the big shift to an advanced system? What are the customizations that could benefit you tremendously and how do you estimate the costs involved?  According to reports, 55% - 75% of ERP implementations fail or do not meet their objectives. How, then, do you make sure, you remain in the 45% that succeed and benefit from the critical best practices?

We advise you to ask yourself the following questions.

  • What are your specific business requirements? Identifying this helps to plan for the custom erp software development that will deliver your specific needs.
  • Do you have a timeframe within which to implement your ERP? Your timeframe decides the time and flexibility you get to make your choices, and also the time you have to train your employees.
  • How technically proficient are you? This will decide the level of customization required during the custom erp software development activity.
  • What type of deployment model would work best for you? Selecting the right one between cloud, on-premise or hybrid will help you save resources, time and money.
  • How seamlessly can it be integrated with your old system? Integrating your old system is important as it augments and complements, enhances, and supplements important tasks.

At Intermind, we perform custom erp software development with the following modules/integrations -

  • Manufacturing
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Inventory Distribution
  • Business Intelligence
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Analytics
  • Human Resources
  • Purchasing

Our Strengths

Providing Comprehensive Solutions

Whether it is a new ERP system build from scratch that will boost your business or you need to upgrade your existing one, we study and understand your exact requirement and provide it for you, end-to-end, without interrupting your business continuity.

Optimizing Operational Processes

Our ERP systems are guaranteed to optimize operational processes by greatly increasing productivity and reducing costs.

Enabling Faster Development

We take timelines seriously and allot dedicated team members for developing your ERP in record time. Our experience, understanding and expertise allow us to work smoothly without errors and rework.

Onsite Teams

We are flexible in terms of complete onsite development, offsite at our offices or even a hybrid model. We can even have shared resources visit onsite as per their sprint timelines.

Creating Multi-device ERP

Our ERP systems are created for multiple platforms with user-friendly and intuitive UI/UX. They can be accessed through mobile app, web app, or desktop app.

Ensuring Smooth Integration

We make sure your ERP system can be integrated smoothly with other platforms, technologies like Blockchain and IoT or existing legacy applications.

Offering Transparency Throughout the Project

We believe in being transparent throughout the development process and also on the costs, offering fair pricing at every stage. We constantly keep clients informed about the progress, and advise on the right business decisions.

Providing end-to-end Support

As partners, we take care of everything and stand by you throughout. Right from design to development and implementation, and then post deployment support, we make sure it is a smooth and swift transition taking you towards your goal successfully.

Your Advantage of working with one of the top custom erp software development company in mumbai

  • Browser/App Based, Access Anywhere
  • Lightning Fast Response Times
  • Boost Productivity
  • Lower Risk
  • Get Real Time Updates
  • Make Better Decisions with Data Driven Insights
  • Accelerate Reporting
  • Provide Better Employee & Customer Satisfaction
Your Advantage
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