At Intermind, we have been providing eCommerce development services for over a decade, and have helped companies successfully improve their business metrics and achieve growth and success.

According to 2023 statistics, there are a whopping 2.14 billion online shoppers in the world which accounts for 27% of the world population. Who is selling to these shoppers? There is an estimated number of 12 million – 24 million eCommerce sites across the world, and more are being created every day, which implies the growth of e-commerce is astounding. However, even though the competition is fierce, less than 5% of these sites are selling more than $1000 in a year.

In this world of aggressive eCommerce competition, how are you making sure you are generating unique content with added value, to remain ahead and lead the pack?

As experts, we do it for you. Our eCommerce Development Services and end-to-end Fully Managed eCommerce Solutions create a robust framework for you to deliver commerce operations in a utility model. We provide the entire spectrum of e-commerce services from creation, implementation, management to compliance and support. Our team of UX/UI designers, content producers, data scientists, technology consultants work towards delivering excellent customer experience, increasing footfalls and building revenues.

Our Strengths

Product Management

Our effective and efficient product management helps you manage your inventory, expand product assortment and improve website navigation. It leads to more customer reach with search engine result pages (SERPs), customers buying your products and recommending them to others.

Process Optimization

We ensure your processes are optimized and run smoothly to offer visitors and shoppers an enriching shopping experience.

Program Definition

We transform your growth ideas into practical plans. We define your key activities improving your business’s focus on processes, technologies, people and change management.

Strategic Vision

We work with you to understand your business and create a unique strategy to get you there. We leverage your vision capabilities to create a unified experience for your business across all channels, creating a roadmap to align your activities towards a higher ROI.

Digital Experience

We align technology and experiences and create flexible solutions that can evolve with the needs of the business and expectations of online shoppers.

End-to-end Services

We make sure your buyers are getting the experience they need and your website is optimized for conversions. We provide you with cutting edge technology, customer insights, merchandising, supply chain and digital marketing strategy to help you become a leader in your industry.

Your Advantage

  • Meet the demands of ecommerce marketing and advertising
  • Get the expertise and the resources to work for you with professional branding and design
  • Get a marketing strategy to meet your business goals aligned to your budget, product, timeline and audience.
  • Get metrics analysis to measure success and ROI against investment, brand performance and competitor performance.
  • Stay ahead of the competition, with state of the art innovation from Intermind
  • Have access to specialized services along with our core offerings -
    • eCommerce Website Development
    • eCommerce Mobile App Development
    • eCommerce Storefront Design
    • eCommerce Data Migration
    • Custom eCommerce Integrations
    • eCommerce Implementations

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