Do you have a group of trained professionals to grow your business amidst the frivolous competition? No? Well don’t worry that has been the case with most of the businesses we’ve encountered these days. Whether you are a startup with shoestring budgets or an elephant learning to dance, growth hacking strategies should be part of every marketing mix.

Intermind's innovative team has multiple growth hacking success stories to brag about.

Our growth hacking campaigns have given our clients 1.5X returns when compared to overall digital marketing ROI. No organic reach on your social media channels? Zero clickthrough rate on your email campaigns? Leads just not moving down the funnel? It's time for you to try growth hacking. We, at Intermind, strive to improve and optimise your overall revenue and sales across the acquisition and retention framework. We fuel your digital hike with scalable marketing solutions.

Our B2B marketing strategies will evaluate the new and up-and-coming industry trends, gauge your competitors and expand your business globally. From getting quicker subscriptions and building sustainable traffic sources to connecting businesses with credible and reputed influencers to promote, we help companies disrupt the market by building world class e-commerce sites and marketplaces. Unleash your potential with our agile approach, cutting edge technology and information driven growth hacking solutions.

Our Strengths

  • We understand the need and go beyond and make sure our growth inputs are in line with your brand and marketing.
  • With the information collected, we strive to make your business more interactive by creating powerful and clear headlines and attractive calls-to-action.
  • We keep a check on the analytics for superior performance on different marketing mediums.
  • Our support team is constantly on call for any queries, help or support.
  • We custom design packages to meet your specific needs and give you the best growth hacking features that will also reflect your business in the most positive way.
  • We constantly search for more details that clearly focus on the purpose of creating content.
  • We talk within your budget and get you the best value for your money.

Your Advantage

  • Covers all your bases through the marketing model specifically designed for your business.
  • Creates a diversified branding.
  • Maximises your reach.
  • Helps you tap into an unexplored consumer base.
  • Improves your brand perception.
  • Creates a dynamic global presence for your business.
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