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From factories to warehouses and labs to farms, we as a leading IoT solutions company have made everything smarter in the last 4 years across three continents.

We've dealt with choppy internet connectivity from the Australian outback, low-quality hardware that had the potential to become a security breach in a cash vault, and even the lack of electric plug points on a farm. With experience, we've managed to find solutions to each of the challenges we faced. Intermind Digital Solutions is an experienced IoT solutions company that has successfully navigated every IoT challenge.

Our Strengths

Our strengths as an IoT solutions company 

  • Arduino: We use the platform to perform repetitive single tasks. Arduino has been used majorly in applications developed by Intermind, in the field of automation and control systems.
  • Raspberry Pi: Intermind has used the technology for performing multiple processes in the field of HMI (Human Machine Interface), automation, control, and communications systems.
  • SimCom: Intermind has leveraged the proprietary platform for GPS tracking and communications using the telecommunication infrastructure i.e., 2G/3G/4G services.
  • Microsoft Windows: We develop software for Windows PC, Windows Client Server Applications, and Windows embedded platforms as well. We are experimenting with interfacing advanced computing technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning into various use case scenarios.

We also design 3D enclosures and perform 3D printing to deliver an end-to-end prototype as a proof of concept.

WHAT WE DO as an IoT solutions company?

  • Motion Detectors
  • RFID / Biometric sensors
  • Proximity sensors
  • Temperature / Humidity Sensors
  • Accelerometers
  • Gyro modules
  • Vision sensors
  • Display and Touch Interfaces
  • Keypad interfaces
  • Electro-mechanical and Electro-magnetic assemblies
  • AC Servo Drives
  • Stepper Motor Drives
  • Pneumatic / Hydraulic drives

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