Have you created a 3600 walkthrough of your office, factory or your latest real estate project for your clients and employees? Do you want to create a buzz at your stall in the next expo/conference you are participating in? Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technology are gamechangers, rapidly changing the business landscape with new innovations and opportunities for growth.

The global AR and VR technology market is predicted to grow to $296.9 billion by 2024, according to Statista and it’s not just the gaming industry that will be benefited. Enterprise VR is poised to transform industries such as manufacturing, education, ecommerce, healthcare and real estate (both residential and commercial.

Are you ready to leverage the benefits of AR/VR and push your business to the next level? Mixed Reality (XR) is not a technology of the future anymore. Your competitors are already leveraging the metaverse. It’s time for you to explore the exciting and endless possibilities.

From an experience perspective, our AR/VR solutions are not just immersive, they are highly interactive. Users can choose the direction they want to move in and experiences they want to interact with, unlike a normal 360° video that auto plays the content. Our two products, VR-Magic, a web-based solution and VR-Pro, a mobile app, make mixed reality applications affordable and accessible.

Our AR and VR solutions, combined with AI, transform the way you interact with your customers, your employees and the way you design and market your products. Our innovative solutions make sure you stay ahead of the curve, driving efficiency and improving your bottom line.

Our Strengths

  • Our vast experience and the team of VR and AR experts come together to deliver dynamic solutions in every industry along with enhanced customer experiences, streamlined operations, and improved communication.
  • We design solutions to meet your business needs, goals, timelines and budget.
  • VR-Pro provides advanced functionalities like live video transmission in panoramic 360°.
  • VR-Magic is like a Wordpress for mixed reality content. We provide a Content Management System (CMS), where you can define hotspots and navigation waypoints that the user can interact with. The suite also has the capability to create feedback forms, lead generation forms and even comes with built in e-commerce capability, complete with wish lists and shopping carts.
  • Starting with a 360° shoot, your mixed reality portal can go live in just 2 weeks, making this a low involvement and low risk initiative in the organization.
  • Our clients participating in expos have experienced 300% increase in lead generation after implementing VR-Magic.
  • Our expertise lies in -
    • Live panoramic event telecast
    • Show flats/property 360° view
    • Hotel room and amenities walkthrough
    • Industrial training
    • Office premises/co-working spaces 360° view
    • Factory/Manufacturing unit walkthrough
    • Equipment training

Your Advantages

  • Starting with a 360° shoot and creating your mixed reality portal to making the VR/AR equipment available on hire for your exhibition or event, we take care of everything.
  • Your mixed reality portal can go live in just 2 weeks, making this a low involvement and low risk initiative in the organization.
  • Our clients have seen ROIs of over 300% as immersive experiences with zero distractions help in faster decision making
  • Data visualization and in depth analytics helps to form efficient business strategies and enables prompt responses for running daily operations.
  • Put your office/factory on your website, enabling virtual client visits in the digital age


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