Your website is the first interaction your clients have with your business with 95% of a visitor’s first impression depending on web design. With the high expectations clients have today, research proves you have less than 3 seconds to convince visitors that your website is worth their time.

The online space is changing in real time, and we are at the forefront, ready to stake your claim in your niche market. It is extremely important to have a website which helps the brand and also creates an impactful presence online. Your website should act as your best marketer and salesperson.

We create your website based on an intuitive architecture which guides visitors through the flow of actions you want them to follow. We design your website intelligently to stay consistent with your brand and your communication and represent your business in the most professional way.

With two decades of creating effective websites for clients in different industries, we have a reputation of bringing our clients vision to life. Our strategy team works closely with you to understand your target customer and then creates a unique and innovative web user experience that converts visitors into leads and customers. Our developers use their expertise to create interactive web experiences using the latest technologies, making them mobile, desktop and tablets compliant. We keep your brand offering up to date with engaging material.

A good website once created need constant and dedicated effort to stay competitive in the search results. At Intermind, we provide analysis and support to keep your website fresh and optimized to keep generating traffic.

Our Strengths

  • We build sites to perform - focussing on strategic planning, persuasive visual design, and seamless user experience, to drive superior results.
  • Whether your focus is branding, leads or sales, we create innovative, effective websites that help grow your business and achieve your goals.
  • We create custom websites for each enterprise and help businesses stand out amongst their competitors.
  • We take time to understand your business goals and implement strategies that best suit your business.
  • We systematically follow a set process to develop and design a robust solution that drives business growth.
  • Our team of professionals help you envision designs and create better user experiences for your customers.
  • Our business acumen, creativity, and most importantly, experience help us solve problems and deliver results.
  • We turn underperforming websites around and take them to new heights.
  • We make some of the fastest websites in the world.

Your Advantage

  • A website high on usability, handcrafted, right to the minor details.
  • A 100% error free code website.
  • A highly secure website with end to end HTTPS installation.
  • We always have a Mobile-first approach to design.
  • A website with the latest usability parameters implemented.
  • Improved conversion rates and maximized revenue.
  • Unrivalled customer support.
Package Starts @ $185 p.m


Can you customize a web development package to suit my specific needs?

Yes. While we have created an all inclusive web development package, we understand that you may have a speciifc requirement. Once we know your requirment and your goals, we can customize a website development package for you that will meet all your needs.

Will my website work on mobiles and tablets?

Yes, we focus on building websites that are mobile friendly. Our websites are compatible on every device.

Will you provide the Future Support If need

We have a dedicated team to manage your backend and an account manager to answer any query you may have and provide support and assistance.

What is included in a website maintenance package?

Our website maintenance package includes keeping your website up-to-date and running smoothly as well as performing optimally. As, every website has different requirements we will also take care of any specific requirement needed and agreed upon.

What is a web package?

A web package is a complete range of services that is given to you to build your website and maintain it for a monthly or yearly one-time nominal fee. Our web packages are created with the intention of giving you comprehensive services and keeping your website updated, error free and high performing, without you having to invest any time, effort or resources.

Do your packages include domain registration and hosting services?


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