myHealthmeter Case Study

Creating a revolutionary Health App to keep the nation’s workforce ticking healthily.

About myHealthmeter

myHealthmeter is an AI-powered health risk assessment system that functions like a meter, visually presenting vital parameters of the human body using easily discernible color codes. It also analyzes changes and anomalies over time, providing valuable insights into the body's health trends and patterns.

myHealthmeter Services is a Third-Party Health Aggregator (TPA) providing Corporate Health Checkups, Pre-Employment Health Checkups and Onsite/Factory Medical Services for upto 100+ mid-sized and major corporations in India and has an extensive network of 1500+ accredited health service providers pan India.

The Goal

To develop an enterprise solution catering to various functions of the service ranging from Networking, Contracting, Campaigning, Appointments, Report Digitization, Health Trend Analysis, Billing, Accounting and MIS.

The Activities Undertaken

Requirement Analysis

Intermind started with a requirement analysis - defining the user expectations, studying the market, and the target audience and meeting their need.


Intermind created a unique, user-friendly and attractive interface.


The team expertly delivered a one-of-a-kind solution that met every need and exceeded expectations.

Support & Maintenance

Over the last eight years, Intermind has supported myHealthmeter with further development, improvisation, optimizations and data security

Some of the other features incorporated were

  • Health check-up appointment scheduling
  • Electronic health record management
  • Health/Clinical history management
  • Prescription management
  • Vital parameter monitoring
  • Health analytics
  • Anomaly alerts and notifications

The Tech Stack

  • Operational Web-Based Modules using LAMP stack
  • Database management using MySQL Server
  • REST API Interface on LAMP stack
  • Mobile App development using Google Android and iOS SWIFT
  • Web Server using EC2 VPS on Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • File storage on cloud using AWS S3
  • Integration with AWS SES service for automated Emails
  • Integration with Route SMS for automated SMS
  • Integration with WATI for automated WhatsApp Notifications
  • Integration with Exotel cloud telephony for automated IVR
  • Integration with RazorPay and PayU for online payments

Business Impact

With an association of over a decade, Intermind continues to support myHealthmeter with further development, improvisation, optimizations and data security of the enterprise solution. The start-up has grown ten fold in terms of revenue and operations and has over 40 big corporate houses using its services across 400+ cities in India with approximately 50,000 health profiles being managed.

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