SynapOne Case Study

SynapOne's journey to success with Intermind's impactful reinventions

About SynapOne

SynapOne is a premier IT and consulting services company with a culture of innovation. SynapOne offers modern approaches for solving the most formidable challenges with emerging technologies and software and helps customers achieve their objectives with transformative, scalable solutions.

The Goal

Redesign the website and update the content to give it a modern and fresh look with updated features. Add new technology to make the website user-friendly and make it appealing for clients.

Website content and design


  • As a company on the US East Coast, SynapOne worked on primarily government projects and had a very basic website.
  • The website was not a marketing platform and did not generate leads or provide updated information.
  • The company wanted the website to bring clients other than the government.

Business Impact

  • The website immediately generated new leads.
  • The new website was fast-loading, user-friendly and had a lot of features.
  • The content was updated and provided relevant information with infographics.
  • The new website was SEO friendly and increased the client conversion ratio.
  • For the first time, SynapOne looked at its website as a marketing platform to bring in leads and generate revenue.


  • For its smart city project, there were a lot of hurdles as the app was built on the low code platform which had errors and the app used to get stuck.
  • The client wanted new features to be added to the app.

Business Impact

  • The revamped website was enhanced to meet all their marketing goals.
  • With the technical expertise of Intermind at hand, SynapOne successfully delivered projects that were innovative and used new-age technology.
  • SynapOne has grown to become a leading provider of innovative and transformative solutions.
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