Interview of Arya Patnaik Co-Founder Intermind

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Interview by Linkedin of Arya Patnaik, Marketing Head & Co-Founder of Intermind Digital Solutions LLP

In it to do great work"

"After the first 3 years of starting our digital marketing company, I along with my 2 partners, felt certain that we got into the wrong field.

Post 9/11, a lot of our clients from US and Europe discontinued. We then tried to find work in the local market and nobody even knew what digital marketing was!

Interview of Arya Patnaik - Linkedin

I remember when the times were tough and when we started proactively looking for work, there were 3-4 different ways that we tried out and LinkedIn was one of the platforms that we used. It worked out well because our initial clients had discontinued not because they didn't like the service that we had provided, but due to other reasons. So, all of them were very willing to give us recommendations on LinkedIn. Once the recommendations, which are still on my profile from those 2004-2005 days, came in – things started looking up for us. The clients also connected us with their LinkedIn connections which also got us work.

Looking back, I'm so glad that even when times were tough, we stuck to our idea. It was a great life lesson on the importance of not giving up."

Arya Patnaik, Co founder, Intermind Digital #ProfessionalsOfLinkedIn

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