With our full range of services, we can support you from the creation of an idea,
through to delivering your entire marketing plan.

Intermind Services
  • Web Design & Development

    Website Design & Development

    CMS based website development

    Custom Web application Development (Open source & Microsoft Technologies)

    e-Commerce Website Development

  • Mobile Application Development

    Android native application development

    IOS native application Development

    UI & UX optimization

  • Internet of Things (IoT)

    Arduino & Raspberry Pi application development

    Electrical appliance control and automation

    Motion sensor based surveillance

    Biometric / RFID based access control

    Sensor integration and tracking

    GPS tracking

    Communication over RF, WIFI, GPRS, Bluetooth and NFC

  • Virtual Reality

    360 panoramic photo walkthrough web applications

    VR stereoscopic video walkthrough mobile applications

    Augmented interactive information and waypoint markers

  • Digital Marketing

    Search engine optimization

    Social media presence optimization

    Google Ad-words Marketing

    Newsletter Marketing

    SMS Marketing

    Internet PR management

  • Support

    Website Maintainance

    Page speed

    Analytics & Traffic Reports


  • SEO Process of Digital Marketing
  • Organise

    Research & Discovery

  • Plan

    Information Architecture

  • Execute

    Design Development

  • Deliver

    Deployment & Ongoing