Search Engine Optimization

With dual expertise of documenting and understanding business processes (borrowed from our software development division) as well as in-depth understanding of how search engines rank websites, the team at Intermind has 2 decades of successful SEO execution experience.

Search Engine Optimization

Our business centric monthly reports decodes the technical maze of SEO and provides you with an easy to follow but relevant progress report.

International SEO Our first SEO project was in 1999, where we ranked a travel website on the first page of search engines in 11 countries. We are currently working with a fintech provider, getting them more than 100 leads per year from 20 target countries. We work with an outsourcing service provider, getting them 240 leads per year from US & Europe. We work with a steel detailing company, building awareness about their services among fabricators in US & Canada. We work with a marine engineering company in Singapore, increasing brand name searches as far away as Greece & Norway. Our work speaks for itself.

Local SEO If languages and country specific search engines present a challenge in International SEO, local SEO needs an in-depth understanding of directories and authoritative websites in that particular area. We have specialised teams that research how a search engine like Google tracks a certain locality & provide the right signals in terms of listings, brand mentions and links. We push the boundaries in terms of geographical reach of our clients, getting them walk in customers from outside their captive neighborhood.

White Hat Practices We have been SEO practitioners long enough to understand how to stay in the good books of search engines. We have seen businesses of all sizes suffer massive financial losses because their SEO agency goofed up and got their website banned. None of our clients have been banned in the last 20 years. In fact, we take up websites that have been banned by Google under a special 4 months program & help reverse the ban. We also audit websites and predict the likeliness of a search engine ban.

Content & HTML Our content team creates evergreen content in the form of website service/product pages, blogs, whitepapers, case studies & videos that feed search engines with 100% unique, grammatically correct content, which also happens to be an interesting read for your potential customers. Our HTML team creates mobile first, fast loading, user friendly, contextually tagged webpages that search engines love as much as humans.

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