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VR Magic - Virtual Reality Application by Intermind

VR Magic is a virtual reality application which is a complete walkthrough management solution for the web and mobile platforms.

It is loaded with unique features that allow the viewer to experience the walkthrough in an interactive format by the use of navigational waypoints and hotspots.

VR Magic  - A walk through virtual reality

VR Magic Pro, the mobile app is available for android devices and can play interactive 360 videos in the stereoscopic view, delivering a life like experience on virtual reality headsets such as Google VR and the Oculus.

VR Magic Highlights

  • Panoramic + stereoscopic photo and video walkthrough on the web and mobile platforms.
  • Augmented hotspot to showcase information on the click/focus of points of interest during the walkthrough.
  • Waypoint augmentation to facilitate movement from once scene to another
  • CMS to manage content and related information at one's own convenience.
  • State of the art hosting infrastructure on Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure.
  • Live 360 video streaming integration using Wowza media streaming server.
  • On the house digital marketing consultation service on every order.

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